About Polder2Cs Wizard

Hedwige-Prosperpolder was depoldered during the transformation of the area into a new tidal nature reserve between 2020 and 2022. During this event, the Polder2Cs project used this unique opportunity to test and improve flood defense and emergency response by using an existing levee. To learn more about the Polder2Cs project, visit https://polder2cs.eu/unique-opportunity. To learn more about the experimental site, visit https://polder2cs.eu/unique-opportunity/hedwige-prosperpolder-new-tidal-nature-area. The Polder2Cs Wizard is a web portal that provides different users with access to knowledge produced by various activities in the project and to datasets generated during experiments.

The main menus of the wizard are:

Existing Knowledge: This section provides a database of well-selected references of different types (articles, videos, books, etc.) related to Polder2Cs topics that are well-represented in an interactive tree.

Typical Experimentation: This section illustrates the realization of an important experimentation on the levee using different available technologies, such as 3D models, interactive graphs, meta-data, available videos, etc.

Data and Knowledge Portal: This section allows the public to access Polder2Cs activities, data, meta-data, available videos, and photos. It also helps users to see the relationships and coordination between the activities.

Partner KTF: This section enables different partners to gradually feed necessary information about their activities to facilitate cooperation with other partners and to present results and activities to the external public.

Story book: This section, which uses simplified language and various media formats, provides information to the public about important Polder2Cs activities.