About Typical Experimentation

To present a typical overflow experimentation that was conducted on the levee, This section uses different available technologies (3D models, interactive graphs, meta-data, available videos, etc.).

How to use the 3D model:

• Uploading the 3D model of the levee may take a few seconds.

• Click on the model to activate it.

• Use the left button of the mouse and move the mouse to see the model in 3D.

• Use the touch-pad to zoom in/out.

• Click on the 3D icon in the legend (in the bottom left side of the 3D model) to see the number of the slide in the right side of the legend. The slide number refers to the first 3D slide. Click on the arrows to the right and left of the number to see the different stages of the experimentation.


You can also follow the videos that were recorded directly in the field by the activity actors (vlogs) to obtain more details about the experimentation in real conditions.

Interactive Graphs:

Putting the pointer of the mouse on a specific point of the graphs enables users to see its coordinates. To zoom in on a specific segment of the graphs, click and drag the mouse over the chosen area. Also, It is possible to use the different control icons that exist in the upper right corner of each graph.